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No Money to Donate? Volunteer Your Time I greatly enjoy helping people, especially children, so I entered a career where I could help others, but I didn't make a great income. While I love my job, I sometimes wished I had entered a higher-paying field so that I could donate to many worthy causes. One day a co-worker told me that she had just spent time overseas helping the needy and the humanitarian organization paid for her travel costs. I soon took a trip overseas myself and learned just how rewarding it can be to volunteer your time. I now embark on a humanitarian mission every year during my work vacation, and I enjoy every minute of it. I am eager to spread the word about the many ways a person can help others, even if they are not wealthy, on my new blog!

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Tips For Hiring A Fundraising Management Consultant

If you run or manage any type of charity or non-profit, you know how important fundraising is. Fundraising makes it possible to fulfill the goals of your organization, wh

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Making A Difference In The Community: The Different Contributions You Can Make To Change Lives

Would you like to make a significant difference in the lives of those who are living in the community? There are many ways to make a contribution to people who are in nee

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How To Help Charities With Their Music Programs

There are some charities out there that work hard to get the youth involved in the fine art of music. However, since they are a charity, they need help from caring people