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No Money to Donate? Volunteer Your Time I greatly enjoy helping people, especially children, so I entered a career where I could help others, but I didn't make a great income. While I love my job, I sometimes wished I had entered a higher-paying field so that I could donate to many worthy causes. One day a co-worker told me that she had just spent time overseas helping the needy and the humanitarian organization paid for her travel costs. I soon took a trip overseas myself and learned just how rewarding it can be to volunteer your time. I now embark on a humanitarian mission every year during my work vacation, and I enjoy every minute of it. I am eager to spread the word about the many ways a person can help others, even if they are not wealthy, on my new blog!

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The Primary Advantages of Investing in Instant Modular Buildings

As the leader of a non-profit organization, you may need to find places in which to store goods that are donated to your group. You may lack the space in the offices wher

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Play A Role In Ending Social Inequality

In a perfect world, everyone would have the same basic resources and opportunities. Unfortunately, however, the modern world is far from perfect. A major problem is socia

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Determining If You Can Donate Blood And Plasma

If you are considering blood donation, you will need to find a blood bank or a mobile blood donation site that will accept your blood. Often a blood drive in your area is

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Factors To Consider Before You Sponsor A Child

If you've decided that you wish to sponsor a child, your first priority will be to find an international charity that allows you to do so. Once you've made this decision,